Daikin Mini Split In Miami Gardens, FL

Daikin Mini Split In Miami Gardens, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for an AC system for your house or business? If so, consider installing a Daikin small split system. Daikin is a well-known brand in the HVAC business, known for producing high-quality equipment and developing cutting-edge technologies that provide excellent comfort and energy efficiency.

At Air New Solutions, we specialize in Daikin mini split services in Miami Gardens, FL, and surrounding areas, and we can help you find the perfect unit that fits your needs and budget. Our technicians can provide the highest quality installation, repair, and maintenance services for all Daikin mini-split systems. Contact us and learn more about all our services.

Daikin Mini Split Installation Process

Installing a Daikin mini-split system involves several steps that require specialized knowledge and skills. Here is a breakdown of the whole installation process:

Site Evaluation

Our qualified technician will evaluate your space and determine the right size and type of system that best suits your needs. We will consider factors such as the number of rooms, ceiling height, insulation, and sun exposure.

Selecting The Indoor And Outdoor Units

You may need one or more indoor and outdoor units depending on your needs. The indoor units come in various types, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and ceiling cassettes. The outdoor units are typically installed on a stable surface, preferably at ground level.

Running Refrigerant Lines And Electrical Wiring

Once the indoor and outdoor units have been selected, the technician will run the refrigerant lines and electrical wiring from the outdoor to the indoor unit. The lines are usually routed through a small hole in the wall or ceiling.

Mounting The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is mounted on the wall or ceiling, ensuring it is level and secure. The technician will drill a small hole in the wall or ceiling to connect the unit’s refrigerant lines and electrical wiring.

Connecting The Refrigerant Lines And Electrical Wiring

The technician will connect the refrigerant lines and electrical wiring to the indoor unit. They will also connect the lines and wiring to the outdoor unit.

Testing The System

After the installation, the technician will test the system to ensure proper operation and performance. They will check the refrigerant levels, test the airflow, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the system functions correctly.

Our skilled experts have the experience to precisely and efficiently install Daikin small split systems. Contact us to fix an installation appointment and experience the comfort and energy efficiency of a Daikin mini split system.

How Much Does Daikin Mini Split Cost?

The cost of a Daikin mini split system can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of your space, the number of indoor units, the energy efficiency level, and the installation’s complexity. Here are a few cost-influencing factors:

Size Of The Space

Larger spaces require more powerful systems, which can be more expensive.

The Number Of Indoor Units

If you need to install multiple indoor units, the cost can increase accordingly.

Energy Efficiency

Daikin mini split systems have different SEER ratings, determining their energy efficiency. Higher SEER ratings can result in lower energy bills but may cost more upfront.

Installation Complexity

If your space has specific installation challenges, such as limited access or structural limitations, the installation may require more time and labor, increasing the cost.

Air New Solutions offers competitive pricing and flexible financing options to help you afford the system that meets your needs. Contact us to learn how we can help you save money and energy with a Daikin mini-split system.

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